The Journal of Cell Biology and Metabolism celebrates its 3rd year anniversary in the year 2020. The journal of Cell Biology and Metabolism is an upcoming journal that aims at providing a platform for scientists, scholars, researchers with ease in the publication process and strives to gain a lot of reputation among the scientific community. Since the journal follows an Open Access Policy, it ensures to provide reliable and valid information from cell biologist, researchers and others in the form of Case report, Short Commentary, Original Research, Review, Rapid communications, Letter to editor, Perspectives, Opinion, Hypothesis, etc. and shares the information globally among its esteemed readers. The Journal supports the authors at each and every step of publication: from writing to editing to designing until the promotions of articles.

Journal of Cell Biology and Metabolism deals with the fascinating world of biology which covers almost all aspects of the structure of cells. It deals with on-going research on Cell Structure and its metabolism. The journal has a wide scope of publication in different research areas of Cell Biology which includes Cell Anatomy, Cell Structure, Neurocellular Biology, Cell Therapy, Cell transplantation, Stem Cell Biology, Membrane Biology, and many other related fields. The journal provides panoramic information regarding the recent researches and outcomes related to the field of cell biology and metabolism. This helps the researchers as well as the students to delve into the world of cell biology and metabolism.

On the occasion of the 3rd year anniversary of the Journal of Cell Biology and Metabolism, we are delighted to provide a discount of 30% on the article processing charges to all the researchers across the globe and some additional benefits to its previous authors. We invite contributors across the globe to make the best use of the opportunity as soon as possible.

The Journal of Cell Biology and Metabolism is a biannual journal. The journal follows a double-blind peer-review process which helps in proper and unbiased reviewing of the article to provide accurate and reliable information. Manuscripts undergo thorough peer-reviewing under the guidance of eminent scientists who are experts in their subject field.

The journal also aims to alleviate the number of readers towards each and every article published within its regular and special issues by promoting the recent researches on digital platforms like Twitter which helps its authors to gain an increased number of citations.

Journal of Cell Biology and Metabolism is a constituent journal of Allied Academies. With the primary goal of distributing scientific understanding pertaining to various recent subjects, the Allied journals are helping the leading authors from all over the world to share and exchange their novel and path-breaking ideas to the world. The journals are acting as successful outlets for numerous scholars including faculty members, researchers and students and other eminent members of the fellow community.


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